About Us

Established in 2012 by Hiperaktif team, we are a new generation agency, experienced in communication, software and mobile solutions. We develop creative, strategic and measurable digital projects which help brands and consumers contact with each other in more aspects. To put it simply, we reach out new generation consumers through new generation methods.

ontrary to other media agencies, we are not "web boys" ; we are marketing professionals. Your social media oriented needs are satisfied by a strong team that produces digital world impacting projects. We have engineers and psychologists among us... What this professional team's members, coming from different background, have in common is that, they know all the elements which make digital world unique.

By this means, we don't include you in the game but we alter the game's rules. For you to interact with your potential customers, we go beyond the existing patterns, exploring new ways.

Hiperaktif Digital Agency